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In these uncertain and challenging times, American-Mexican/Italian artist 1 A.M. is one of many progressive artists seeking to bring light to the issues through her raw and introspective songwriting. Her intellectual lyricism and multi-genre style bring a fresh yet timeless feel to the music scene. At the age of 14 she began breakdancing with a local dance crew in Gilroy, CA and was introduced to the Hip Hop culture. By the age of 16 she was already a self-professed artist; producing beats and writing poetry to find release from the struggles within her life. Growing up in a Section 8 single mother home, she started working at a young age to help her mother. While trying to find a balance between work and school, she dedicated long hours of the night to her teach herself music production and recording. Sacrificing sleep to work on her craft, she developed a passion for the music; releasing mixtapes, videos, and projects as a tool to help inspire others dealing with similar difficult situations. As declaration of these sleepless nights and her faith in God, she took on the name 1 A.M. Priding herself as an independent artist, 1 A.M. designs artwork, engineers, and produces her own music. Always striving to spread positivity, push further, and move forward; this female emcee is an inspiration to all.