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The Kyoto Connection is a musical voyage. A step into the inner universe through a mixture of electronic ambients, melodies, and japanese sounds. Inspired by the emotions, colors and feelings of the traditional japanese culture, the music of The Kyoto Connection explores different ways and musical genres to reach a unique experience. 11 years of musical development have turned into ten albums with more than 2 millon downloads world-wide. Help us getting to Kyoto! 🙏⛩ It may sound crazy, but we've never been in Kyoto. We are from Argentina and we feel a strong connection with the traditional japanese culture. So we get our japanese inspiration from Youtube videos, japanese musicians, blogs, books and pictures posted by locals and tourists. We love Kyoto and we want to get there! We want to visit the place that inspired so many songs to us for more than ten years. And you can help us. All donations will be destinated to our first (and maybe only?) trip to Japan. Once there, we want to play our music but we also will be recording soundscapes, making video footages and taking pictures for our future releases. All that material will be freely available for download with a Creative Commons License. Be part of our dream. Your name will be put in a list of contributors, and that list will be stored in a sacred place at Kyoto when we get there. Every contribution will get us closer to our destination. Thank you!