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Jelacee and DJ Lukey together make up Stööki Sound, an extension of the multifaceted Stööki movement focusing on audible art. The London-based collective, which was founded in 2011, operates under the premise of pushing culture forward in the ever-connected music, art and fashion spaces. Through making music under the moniker of Stööki Sound in tandem with their creative umbrella’s overall mission, the polymathic duo has established themselves as taste-making artists, achieving success by staying true to their vision and their multifaceted talents alike. First garnering a taste of success with their 2012 breakout hit “Ball So Hard”, the duo has gone on to tour worldwide and launch its own imprint, O.N.E. Worldwide (utilizing an acronym for Originality Never Ends) in 2016 alongside the release of their first conceptual project, Osiris. After touring China, North America, and Europe in 2017, Stööki Sound is now readying their debut studio album, Ares.