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"A great look and fresh new sound, the whole package!" - Clifton Murray, The Tenors Standing out among today’s pop artists, Jenn Connor is bringing a fresh look and innovative sound that is turning the heads of leading music producers and fans alike. Originally from Caledonia, Ontario, a small town outside of Toronto, Jenn began posting original songs that were catchy, danceable and appealing beyond traditional pop boundaries. Her work was noticed by LA based producer, Tomas Costanza and the two collaborated on additional original content. Tomas was quick to recognize Jenn’s talent, passion and truly unique sound. “Jenn is a breath of fresh air in a business filled with musical sludge. She doesn’t carry any of the baggage of many of today’s young singers and is truly about the music first. Working with her is an absolute pleasure. She doesn’t worry about creating a product, she only concerns herself with making music she loves.” – Tomas Costanza Girlfriend, a pop/dance song produced by Tomas and cowritten by Jenn and songwriter Ashley Levy made the top 40 on Reverb Nation. Jenn is excited her new single, Like I Did, produced by multi-platinum, award-winning producer/songwriter, Rob Wells. Like I Did is the third single from Jenn's upcoming EP, Come Alive. The EP also includes the previously released singles Follow and Back To Life, which were produced by Toronto based, award-winning producer, Douglas Romanow. The EP features Katy Perry guitarist Patrick Matera.