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MARTINA STOCK | modern harp with loop and light She plays her black concert harp not in the "classical way“ - contemporary, combining acoustic melodies with electronic surfaces and a loop station. 
She creates an unique sound experience which reminds to new music, minimal-, film-, neoclassical-, ambient- and electronic music. 
In addition to this, she has developed a lighting system, which makes her possible, an unique play in the dark.
With her instrument she tells stories, with her expressive way to play the harp she creates an atmosphere that invites you to dream. Immerse yourself in a magical world of sound that stimulates and slows down at the same time. 
Martina Stock grew up in Bischofshofen, in the mountains of Salzburg countryside, Austria. She studied at the University Mozarteum Salzburg which she completed in 2009. She lives and works in Berlin and Salzburg. With her new concept of playing the harp, she got invited to (selection): Oriental Art Center Shanghai; Forbidden City Concert Hall Peking; Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall; Grand Theatre Concert Hall Shandong; Smart Illuminationfestival; RioHarpFestival; Zig Zag Jazz Club Berlin; Zionskirche Berlin; Moritzbastei Leipzig; Johannes der Täufer Gräfelfing; Jazzit SBG; Zwischenräume Kulturfestival; Otto Wagner Kirche Steinhof Vienna; Radiokulturcafe Vienna, Kloster Speinshart; 2013 OFFROADTOUR-PLACES YOU WOULD NOT EXPECT A HARP: Hängebrücke Holzgau Lechtal; Wasserturm Favoriten Vienna; Kanalsystem Dritter Mann Vienna;