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Mark Rogers is a well-traveled songwriter whose music reminds us of the years we spent scouring lyric sheets and liner notes, when vocal harmony would induce a palpable reaction and words would take us places we couldn’t always describe. Rogers’ music is introspective, thoughtful, melodic and soulful. A nod to the past but with both hands on the wheel, Mark’s songs cut through the sonic cacophony of new releases. With his new LP, Laying It Down, Mark Rogers continues the American-rich tradition of literary songwriting. Mark Rogers grew up in the Washington, DC area. In the early ‘80s, he moved to Los Angeles where he and his new band attempted to revive country rock in the town that had invented it. Although Mark was successfully playing the same West LA clubs that were home to a new Paisley Underground scene, he unfortunately had to return to DC for family reasons just as things were starting to heat up. For the next 25 years, Rogers relegated his music to hobby status and raised a family. In 2012, he wrote his first song in decades, which led to another…and then another. Mark’s 2018 EP Qualifiers charted both in the US and Europe with outstanding reviews in several prominent zines & blogs, including No Depression, MaximumVolume, TheIndieSource, and others.