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Built out of the depths of heartbreak, “Capitol Affair”, formed in 2018. The four met at a music university in Sydney, through mutual friends. At the time of commencement, most of the band were coming out of long term relationships. Trying to shed the ugly thoughts associated with how some of these relationships ended, the band found solace in each other’s stories. Their first single, It's Too Late, came off the back of the conversations the band had about not being “good enough”. 
 The bond between the four is unbreakable. Focusing their time on their new EP Rose-Coloured Glasses (to be released in 2021), this is going to be their biggest year yet. The EP is a fresh take on pop/rock that takes influence from the bands roots in jazz bands and the Australian Youth Choir. 
 “Extremely polished pop-rock that shows plenty of potential.” - Tommy Faith, Triple J.