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Born in Munich, Fred fell in love with music at the age of 5. It was old Rock´n´Roll recordings from the 1950´s that addicted him to songs, guitar playing and the sound of music. Very soon, he could play any song he heard on a record, just by listening to it. He took 24 piano lessons before he started to study music on his own. „The first twenty years of my life were an exciting musical journey. I discovered many genres of music and fell in love with it. Those wonderful moments, when you hear Blues or Orchestral Music for the first time in your life. Same with Rock,

Country, Bluegrass, Synthie Pop or Memphis Soul. I heard something and loved it. Then people told me, that it is Surf Rock or Swing. I just couldn´t stay in one genre. The table was too full with delicious meals.“ During twenty years, he wrote and produced songs, while he was suffering from an evil disease and fighting to move on. „Someone told me, that I will end up in a wheelchair when I´m 30. I´m in my forties and still walking. A doctor told me, that I will be dead in 18 months. That was 2007 and I´m glad to say, that I´m still here. Music kept my alive and carried me through all the hard times. The only thing, no one can take away from you. You can lose your job, people and all your money. But what is inside of you will stay forever."