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Floor People. "What is a Floor Person?" you may ask. Without completely giving that away, I will talk about what a Floor Person represents. But first, it's important to understand that there are many Floor People out there. It isn't just someone in the band... It isn't necessarily just one of our Fan People... Heck, even YOU could be a Floor Person, like it or not! 
 So what is a Floor People? A Floor Person holds themself above no other human being, with the floor as good a place as any to reside. They concede that they are a product of their DNA and their environment, amongst other uncontrollable circumstances. Who they are-- their identity, they know merely as an outcome; or a randomly generated number... Some would see this as a cold, impersonal and lonely way to look at individuality. However, a Floor Person knows there is a sense of good company within this understanding. Given this understanding, you realize... we are all ONE in the same. Like an avatar in its initial state, we were all blank slates once. 
 So when you're feeling lonely, isolated, misunderstood, or cast aside, you just remember one thing: You are not disconnected from the rest. Your interconnectedness at that time is simply difficult to notice... YOU are not alone. 
 Floor People also tend to really like music, dancing, fun, tacos, are open to new experiences, and embrace the mantra "The more, the merrier". Now sit right there, the floor, your derrière.