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The concept for my project was started 10 years ago in my bedroom with a pair of headphones, a laptop, and the internet to build my sample database. I have found over the years that even tho Hip Hop is the biggest influence on my sound, I love to write many different styles of music. If you are wondering more about what you might find in my discography, here is a small intro. - Collections of singles I have released over the past decade that have helped bring my project to a larger audience. - Concept EP's meant to help with daytoday travel, studying, and relaxing. - Ambient soundtrack music and experimental records that sound nothing like my main body of work. - As for 2020 I have been releasing a large back catalog of one offs to showcase music that I have made over the years If you are reading this, thank you for stopping by my page, I hope my music has helped enhance your day. - In closing From streaming to sharing my music in your playlists, to posting about me on your respected forums. Thanks for helping me turn my dream into a reality. -HPA