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I am Markus Adams, a German electronic Musician. A bedroom producer like many others . My musical roots are in instrumental electronic music, but my 80s and 90s Rock, Prog, and Folk upbringing has left its mark on my music. Think Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk but also Yes, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, and Clannad. But I always listened to all kinds of music, and still do. There is great diversity in style in my tracks, as you will notice when listening to my discography. But I like to think they are all connected through a common thread of fine ambiance, melody, and that special C minor mood. The mostly instrumental tracks range from Ambient to Chill-out electronica and from synthy IDM to Folk. Make sure to listen to my music on good headphones or great speakers. This way my music will let you find something new anytime you listen again.

In 2016 I was signed by the now-discontinued New York label (I hope I wasn't responsible for the discontinuation) They released my debut EP 'NOW'. It is now back here on Spotify. Later on, I fulfilled my dreams of creating Mike Oldfield style long-play instrumental albums with 'No Wise Man ...' and 'ONOMA'. Lately, I returned to the synthesizer style of my youth and explored the possibilities of electronic sound creation. The result is 'MASCHINE LOVE' which as a double entendre means my love for electronic music as well as the Native Instruments Maschine eco-system. Listen, Enjoy, Like.