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Electronica Musician, Producer from the Midlands, UK. I enjoy creating electronic music in any genre I find interesting, Downtempo & Chill-out, Ambient, Cinematic & New Age, Pop, Rock & Salsa-electronica. My Salsa Electronica is my interpretation of Salsa Music for the Dancers whilst the rest, whether chill-out, downtempo, ambient, pop, pseudo rock, minimalist, new age : I think is still hanging on in there from my early 80's days as a synthesist in a totally unknown Minimalist Electronic band. I guess that part of me is still there, still 80's influenced but not intentionally. Maybe all the live bands I worked with at the local clubs & pubs where we all used to hang out seemed to have put something in my head about music. Whether it was of the time or re-usable as "retro" I absolutely love experimenting with new ideas and old ideas together. I guess that's why I also love Salsa - such history of methods & change over time - we all change and yet we all keep something in our own timeline that makes us or what we do different. As to what is my style, Well I would like people to say my music is "Different" hmmm, good or bad. I don't mind what I am classed as because I love all music, but if ever there was a sub-genre of music called "DIFFERENT" then I should definately be put in that.