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Enjoy The Massacre joined together as the name "In Dying Dreams" in March of 2005. After a year of touring and playing local shows as In Dying Dreams, the band decided a new musical direction and new band name was needed. In 2006 they adopted the name "Enjoy the Massacre”, the band started out with their careers playing on the road, selling t-shirts and other merchandise away from home. Enjoy the Massacre was founded with the goal not only to create heavy aggressive music, but to add harmony and other instrumentation to create a unique sound. Enjoy The Massacre strives to create music that demonstrates talents of the band while keeping an old school hardcore edge. The band draws musical inspiration not only from Hardcore music, but from other genres such as Punk, Metal, Hip Hop, Southern Rock, Progressive Rock, etc. Another aspect that makes Enjoy The Massacre's music stand out from other musical groups is the intense stage performance they deliver. The group is known to always deliver the same aggressive live show every time, with breakdowns, hip-hop beats, and metal influenced parts, it's very easy to enjoy the music. ETM has always had a strong reputation for having a DIY approch to

the music, and communcation with our fans, which has excelled the band to become one of Midwest America’s celebrated groups.