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Łaszewo (La-zay-woah) is an electronic trio from Santa Barbara, California made up of producers Matt Ehrlich and Justin De La Fuente, and vocalist Keeva Bouley. Since releasing their Debut EP in 2020, their music has seen wonderful growth. They have been supported multiple times by Youtube EDM powerhouse MrSuicideSheep, and the release of their first single in 2021 ‘I Feel Gold’ has received major press recognition from EDM.com and Dancing Astronaut. Łaszewo prides themselves on their melodic, uplifting, and

mood boosting music. Their goal is to bring a uniqueness to the EDM landscape with their light, yet subtly intense sound and deep heartfelt lyrics. The fact that they are a trio comprised of two electronic DJ’s/producers and a permanent vocalist/songwriter is something that already propels them to the forefront of individuality within the electronic scene. Their captivating sound and live performances brings audiences together from all types of music genres. Łaszewo's positive and down to earth aura allows them to be extremely personable with their audiences, and their stage presence emulates nothing but excitement and exuberance. The genuine camaraderie that is evident amongst the three of them even more so attests to their love for creating music and their passion to share it with others.