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Janelle de la Rosa is an independent pop artist from Maryland. Sheltered and repressed in her childhood, she found freedom in music and developed an affinity for a wide variety of genres that is evident in her own style. Refusing to pigeonhole herself into a singular sound, she instead writes freely from whatever mood or feeling strikes in the moment. As a result, she breaks the mold of the typical “cookie-cutter” pop star and replaces it with something as dynamic and evolving as she is. 
 As the sole creator behind all of her music, Janelle has the ability to infuse the sounds of multiple pop influences like Post Malone, Halsey, and Ariana Grande with her own. In doing so, she keeps listeners on their toes while connecting with them in a way that feels current, authentic, and original. And as a self-proclaimed chameleon in pop, she doesn’t disappoint. 
 Janelle de la Rosa is currently writing and self-producing all of her music. Since the start of 2021, she quickly amassed a loyal following of over 50,000 fans on Tiktok by writing verses on popular songs. In April, she released the first single entitled "Ready" off of her debut EP, "EP1," which was then released in May. She plans to continue releasing new music throughout the year.