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A British Soul Singer & Songwriter based in Berlin, Germany. With collaborations, remixes and originals spanning far and wide across multiple labels, genres inc. rock to disco, spoken word and Prog. Born is the summer of 82, active in music since 01. David's vocals and productions have been interpreted by the following writers, artists, producers and remixers. Rosa Ama, ae inc., Wh0, Safetalk, Satin Jackets, Blank & Jones, Carl Louis, Rasmus Faber, 40 Thieves, Larry Heard, Mr. Fingers, Ténéré, Posthuman, Rusty Egan, NTEIBINT, Rheinzand, JeanGa and George, Amorphous Androgynous, Denitia, Vhyce, Lord Leopard, Mudd, Abbey Spells, Jack Cutter, The Emperor Machine, Dan Berridge, The Hat, Space Whisper, Daniel Pemberton, Rob Flynn, Andis Ansons, Matthew Brismontier aka Franz Matthews,

even catch a few of my other worldly wails across Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Claremont 56 (official), Leng Records, Eskimo Recordings 2020, Kitsune Musique, Boogie Angst Edition Two, Boogie Angst Edition Three, Harvest Records, Sunday Best Recordings, Sour Mash, Sony Classical, La Valigetta. Published by; Concord, and Amity Editions in cooperation with EPM Online.