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September Malevolence, hailing out of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast, made their first rehearsal in February 2004. Six months later the band, now consisting of Tobias Netshagen, Martin Lundmark, Tommy Andersson and Mattias Carlsson, recorded their debut album “Tomorrow We’ll Wonder Where This Generation Get’s It’s Priorities From” in a chapel in Uddevalla. Later, after several tours all over Europe and with new drummer Johan Ellersten and guitar player Tommy Andersson replaced by Johan Björklund, the band members began to work on the second album entitled “After This Darkness There’s A Next” that saw the light of day in October 2007. Taking steps away from the traditional instrumental post-rock, this album was an evolution of the bands sound, with more vocals, shorter songs and a darker, more gloomy atmosphere. Almost four years later, in September 2011, the third album entitled “Our Withers Unwrung” was released, this time with Alf Lenni Erlandsen on drums. Still exploring new grounds, the band had made a powerful record that drew influences both from indie rock and post rock.