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FRESCO THUGGN, better known as “FRESCO”, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter based in Maryland, USA. Laced with melodic vocals, alluring lyrical style and dynamic musical creativity; Fresco started to gain recognition and popularity across the State of Maryland and Washington D.C. in 2019 and now has a growing fan base worldwide. FRESCO was born into a family of talented musicians. His father, a Jamaican born vocalist himself, introduced him to the world of music as a youngster. As he and others grew to identify his extreme talent, watched as he developed his unique sounds, industry affiliates started supporting FRESCO when he would send mix tapes, demos, etc. Once he realized that his talent was being accepted as authentic, he started to shaped is art into his own. FRESCO is also heavily influenced by the music cultures he grew up with. Having family members from Jamaica and Canada, they too have all influenced his musicianship. With a fusion of street and soul, Fresco’s music is captivating as he speaks of real-life experiences with no limits.