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Moza Kaliza is a singer and songwriter with big dreams and a lot of determination. Inspired by figures like Travis Scott, Drake, and Rihanna, Moza thought herself that anything is possible as long as you work hard for what you want. Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania she never let her location stand in the way of her goals and always believed that her music can cross any borders. After working many years to perfect her sound and develop her style, Moza Kaliza released her first single ‘Bye B’ at the end of August 2019, gathering a lot of supporters to her side. Being an independent artist is not easy but it’s the right path for her, considering Moza’s past disappointing experiences with huge record labels. ”Nobody will fight for your dream like you do” is her belief and she lets nothing keep her from doing what she loves - making and releasing music freely. Moza Kaliza's lyrics are raw and have no filter, a fact highly appreciated by people who discover her music. Songwriting makes Moza always see things in the perspective of the glass is half full and believes that positivity and 'letting it all out' is true healing. The destination is important, but having fun while getting there is crucial, that’s what music is all about. Moza Kaliza is continuously working and releasing music that makes her stand out as an artist to keep your eyes on.