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Pictus has been thrilling audiences all over the country with their unique take on primal drums & bagpipes. You can feel the thunder of the war drums and hear the call of the great Highland bagpipes and let the music lift your spirits, stir your soul and speak to the voice of your ancestors. But Pictus is not simply a "bagpipe and drum band" for there are stories, tales and jokes to be told by Oengus Mac Og, the drummer & voice of Pictus. There is Irish and Scottish Highland dance provided by the energetic and beautiful Ceilidh Shillelagh.

there are Irish pennywhistle and original compositions by Tallisyn. So stand up, sound your barbaric YAWP! and be transported by Pictus! With nationally acclaimed, award winning bagpiper John “Tallisyn” Holland, the years of drumming and stage experience of Brad “Oengus” Sprauer, and the years of drumming & Irish dance performance of Lauren "Céilidh Shillelagh" Berry, PICTUS is a unique, powerful show that’s not to be missed!