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Jorane reveals a large part of the most ambitious project of her career today with her 11th album, HEMENETSET. Explorer of sound and creator of a rare form of freedom, Jorane takes listeners on an 80+ minute modern symphony, a musical journey that centers around the concept of instinct and is the soundtrack to her upcoming show. Co-produced by Jorane and Marc Bell (Troublemakers, Moment Factory), HEMENETSET translates Jorane‘s natural instinctive strength, at the very source of her unique voice, the one that pierces the master code and allows her to express herself without being confined by the laws of language. The concept is rooted in multiple inspirations, both philosophical and artistic, that inspire the artist, such as the work of authors Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Abdennour Bidar, Jill Bolte Taylor and Emanuele Coccia. From these texts, Jorane draws on the need to reconnect with oneself, with others and with nature. Within the vast musical world that she unfolds, Jorane embarks on a quest for her deepest nature by taking different paths. From a deconstruction is born a reconstruction to which Jorane invites listeners, inciting them to abandon themselves to a metamorphosis, to imagine an « after », to experiment a creative and liberating chaos. A concept that is in keeping with the current era, a period of independence, change, rebellion and transition.