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NEW SINGLE OUT on NOVEMBER 19th ! Through their tireless energy, DUST IN MIND have spent the past few years growing, experiencing efficiently and is now well and truly established in the European Metal landscape. The French band that delivers a modern/groovy metal, formed in 2014 and represented by Damien DAUSCH (guitars/vocals), Jennifer GERVAIS (vocals), Xavier GUIOT (bass), Thomas MARASI (drums) is signed on the German label DARKTUNES on which they released one EP and 3 albums. And through their own true personality, their highly anticipated fourth studio album, CTRL is not only certification, but the confirmation that the expansion of Dust In Mind is redoubtable. DUST IN MIND has had already a big taste of international stages a part of tours through Europe alongside Pain, Jinjer, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, etc. During the pandemic, the band that “lives” together took its time to put cards on the table, and worked on their sound, and on an album that shows a real commitment. An outlet, an aggressiveness under a veil of humility. Where letting go, self-learning come together, but also the pressure that humans can face, the torrents of emotions that overwhelm our being. From the iconic "Lost Control", and a very efficient composing of the gem « Empty », to the very surprising "Synapses" via a dark exposure interlude "Freefall", Dust In Mind reveals itself, rises again with their unique attitude and their relentless determination.