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Is it Rock? Is it Funk? Is it Jazz? Neptune Kings is all that. Apart from catchy melodies and surprising harmonies it is mainly the wicked groove that blows your mind. A sonic galaxy, inspired by bands from the 70s and the 80s like Return To Forever, Genesis and Pink Floyd, but with its own innovative and modern character. And yet, if there is one thing their adventurous tunes do avoid, that is stereotypical conventions. Thus, a look at the musical history of the band members emphasizes, that with Nico Kozuschek (Keyboards), Dennis Schendzielorz (Drums), Calvin Lennig (Bass) und Daniel Hinte (Guitar) anything goes: Pee Wee Bluesgang, Seamus Blake, Scott Henderson, Nico Suave, Ben van Gelder, Michael Bormann, just to name a few. The roster these guys have cooperated with is long and diversified. However, allocating any genre is a waste of time. What matters most is music - it's Neptune Kings.