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An intersectional rock band. A platform that centers the needs and lived experiences of girls, women, and femmes of color. An advocate for progressive politics. A conduit for generational healing and interdependence. Wavebreaker is emotional anthems that scream about everything from disrupting the status quo, to feeling lost in a world that is a political battlefield, to returning to ancestral ways. It’s as dynamic as a real person is. It is activism at its core—resisting by existing. We believe in abolishing: the police, prisons, white supremacy culture, white feminism, racial and extractive capitalism, environmental genocide, borders, endless wars, US imperialism, money in politics, oligarchy. We believe in elevating: all Black lives, Indigenous lives and sovereignty, trans lives, reparations, rematriation, housing for all, mutual aid, universal health care, a living wage, environmental justice, food justice, a free Palestine, collective liberation. Wavebreaker is Dana Viloria, Cindy Sukrattanawong, Clay Johnson, Jeffrey Byron and Mike Trejo.