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In the late 80s, the two founding members Herbert Ming and Peter Nigg took the first steps to create their own sound ideas under the band names "Minigg" and "CrossTownTraffic". With the formation of "Landvogt" in the year 1998, the foundation was laid for today's sound. In the beginning, they mainly interpreted cover versions from their great Pop, Wave and Industrial icons. But the band was focusing more and more to write own compositions. With the accession of Ritchie Wenaweser in 2007, "Landvogt" intensified to combine electronic sounds, heavy guitar riffs and drifty drums to bring them into melodic and catchy songs. As a live act, the band performed several concerts in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein. After 2 Maxi CD's (2006+2009) and a couple of YouTube videos, "Landvogt" published a comprehensive long-player by the name of "15 Years of Pain" end of 2013, respecting their 15 years band anniversary. "Landvogt" consists of Herbert "Heba" Ming (vocals / keyboards / samples), Peter "Pic" Nigg (guitar) and Ritchie Wenaweser (vocals / drums).