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Lettermans was founded in June of 2019 by bassist/lead vocalist Robert "Robby Letterman" Richardson. Robert wanted to bring back a sound he thought died, old school punk rock and roll or as people call it today "Ramonescore". After finding guitarist/vocalist Joe "Joey Kozmo" Oliver, the duo began meeting up with Robert's friend Eric, who played drums. After a good ammount of practices and a few shows. Eric decided it wasn't for him. Robert took to facebook in search of a drummer and found Dominic "Nicky Nonsense" Fornaro. Dominic was going to remain on drums but Robby and Joey both heard a flatness in their sound and told Nicky he should play guitar. Fast Forward Jacob "Jakey Rabies" Rabin comes in on drums. Shortly after joining, Jakey decided to step away to focus on himself and Lettermans recuited drummer Vince Verrico "Vinny Manga" Today Lettermans are Robby Letterman, Vinny Manga, Nicky Nonsense, and Joey Kozmo