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Hey, I'm Shab (like not-too-shabby!). I started Blushh in 2016 after a few years making my way around the local music scene as a photographer, event producer, promoter. Some friends offered to record my songs I had just started writing and play in my band, so I bought an electric guitar and booked a show before I was ready for it. That's typically how I start most things: without overthinking it and definitely before I'm ready for it. And it typically ends up working out! After I took Blushh on our first tour in 2018, I came home feeling adrenaline like I'd never felt before. THIS was I'd been missing my whole life, and this is what I need to do more of. In 2019 the band and I recorded an album, toured, played some exciting stages during SXSW, Treefort, Offbeat etc, performed to fans singing my lyrics, and kids who'd never heard of Blushh but threw themselves into the mosh pit that would form halfway through our sets. It was a sweaty and beautiful time, if I may so myself. Well everything ebbs and flows. I yearn for those crowded rooms, those loud and angsty stages, the dirty floors we'd wake up on. But I'm

excited for wherever music takes me next. I feel lighter these days and I'm just going to let the music take me with it.