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Our band has been “evolving” since March 18, 2016, when Vellu and Archie first communicated about the formation of such a band after Doctor’s Order had announced their termination decision on January 20, 2016. However, their roads did not yet meet at that time, and the various projects took both on their own paths for a few years. Then came the year 2020, which stopped everything on the band front as well. When leisure already started to get boring, Vellu wrote 02.05.2020 to Archie: ”There should be formed up a decent Feelgood-style band", and just a few minutes to get to Archie replied: "If a singer can be found, then I'm in.”…So Archie would be at the fair, well now Vellu from that seat to play to Jonatan, who would be a great singer-guitarist and just the right guy for the job… and after a short conversation Jonatan would agree, after when we could find a good drummer somewhere, and it didn't take long to find Timppa"MadMan", who's been playing last time with Archie about 17 years ago! Gig sales have started diligently, and inquiries will be received either by email: lockdowndocs@gmail.com

or by calling directly to Archie: +358 405312665