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What the Mung? Who are the Mung Beings? The Mung Beings are producers Allan Thomasson and Nigel Braddock (from Australia and New Zealand respectively) and Saadiah Fowlkes from New York. The three met in Berlin where they recorded their debut album, to be released on Monkey Records in 2021. Their sound is a mash-up of future soul, conscious rap, electronica and jazz served up with conspicuous lyrics and a positive attitude. Their latest track, Lazy Boy, is a dub-inflected protest song against racism from Brooklyn-born rapper Saadiah Fowlkes.

"Lazy Boy is, essentially a coming of age story, detailing how painful It was for me growing up as a black boy in America. I talk about how, as a result of the systemic racism that is still all too pervasive in America, I would often feel thwarted in my efforts to live up to my full potential. How it felt to be unseen, unheard, and misunderstood." The debut single, Transhuman, explores the convergence of technology and humanity and the impending Singularity. It asks the provocative question, “Do you want to live forever?” Their second single, Keepin It Movin On is a timely encouragement to keep going and persevere despite hardship and setbacks. It features Saad's father, celebrated jazz trombonist Curtis Fowlkes (Jazz Passengers, Glen Hansard) and