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Dom Duff is one of the most exciting and innovative musicians from Brittany, much sought after as a studio and concert guitarist and singer. He spent his childhood in nearby bro Pagan (Pagan County), a coastal area by the Channel sea on the north-west coast of Brittany, close to Roscoff, and, like his parents, speaks breton language fluently. Crossing breton influences and great guitar licks, all releases are in a cutting edge production. Duff the beaten track Duff’s music is what French teenagers call ‘ouf’ – by which they mean that Dom’s folk is mad, ‘fou’! But before he came out from his coastal hideaway and set off alone, eschewing the beaten track of Breton music . Passionate rage Brits call it Power Folk, and Dom Duff can set your hair on end and your ears on fire with his powerful, aggressive riffs. The lyrics are no less important, rugged and openly rebellious. The inventor of a new form of Breton musical expression, over the course of a decade this guitarist has shown himself to be the songwriter that the entire region was waiting for. He has even turned Breton into an international language, in contrast to current Celtic culture that he feels is too rigid. So there is good in Duff’s passionate rage, it’s a perfect shortcut to high flying.