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Carmen Rosa is the London solo artist who has already begun carving a name for herself as a songwriter. Over the last twelve months she has been credited to songs cut by global powerhouse Kygo, as well as rising stars Village, Rhodes and Wildes, with more due for release over the months ahead. Carmen Rosa came to music through the movies. Both her father and grandfather worked in the film business, and as a result she was surrounded by the creative process from an early age. It was the part music played in bringing scenes to life that inflicted her with the music bug. “As I was growing up I was always drawn to the soundtracks. I’d occasionally catch early cuts of scenes before the music had been added, and then seeing it come to life… I was fascinated by the way music can make something so much more powerful.” Fast forward several years and you can hear the cinematic influence in Carmen Rosa’s string soaked arrangements. In some cases, quite intentionally. “I love the Danny Elfman scores; Edward Scissorhands in particular is so magical and we actually used that as a reference when we were recording ‘Give Me Love’. All the soaring strings and layered vocals.”