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Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, Noirless is an Alternative/Noise Pop/Shoegaze unit which formed in late 2015 by Aryandra Kareem (Guitar & Back Vocal), Rama Mazaya (Guitar & Vocal) and Bayu Arifianto (Bass). They used to play and dig music together when they were still collegers in Bandung. In Noirless, they combine heavy and noisy sounds of modern shoegaze with a soften whispery vocal, capturing the easy to digest elements of pop-songwriting inside a deeper lyrical feels, delivering one uniquely-grained alternative music of their own. As a result, Indecisive was born as their first self-released single in early 2016. The song captures the coming of age feel with relatable early quarter-life crisis lyrics. The song also captures the direction of which way the band was going with so many positive feedbacks from the local scene listeners and media. They answered all the curiosity and all the buzz for the second time with Better Left Unsaid as their second single in March 2018 released by Bandung based independent record label, Sorge Records, also physically released by Winona Tapes. Within Sorge Records, they were joining the ship full of local well-known acts such as Banda Neira, Elemental Gaze, Gardika Gigih, and so many others. The collaboration was gaining the right exposure for the trio as they continued to make more songs. In December 2018, they released Choices EP as the complete package of their beautifully written life messages for everyone.