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The Zurich based Metal band 'Exile RD.' is all about loud guitars, heavy drums, rumbling bass and vigorous vocals. Pairing their raw energy with influences from different Metal and Rock genres, the four Swiss create their very distinctive sound. In 2009 Exile RD. emerged from the band 'Scythe & Fury' and released its debut album 'Spawn of a Scythe'. Three years later Oliver (guitar & vocals), Joël (guitar & vocals) and Matti (drums) added bass player Alex to the lineup and started performing their first live shows. Their sophomore album 'In The Name Of' including the single 'Draw Your Gun' followed in 2013. During the subsequent years Exile RD. recorded several demos like 'The Worst', 'The Rapture' and 'Restless'. These songs were re-recorded and complemented with four brand-new songs for a third studio album. 'Rex Idle' with its first single 'Glasgow Smile' was released on November 13.