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Founded in Stockholm, Sweden late 1984 by lead singer/songwriter Ben Marlene and the twins Yvonne/Susanne Holmström, vocals. Pelle Pop Hökengren, guitars. Johan Stark, bass, PJ Widestrand, keyboards, Sören ”Sir” Johansen, drums. Deal signed 1985 with CBS Records.
Album A-HO-HO 1987 (Produced by TD/Paul Inder Kilmister) was released and later that year the single Don't Say Go gave the band their first No 1 hit record. Followed by the early 1988 monster hit You're Gonna Get It. Video, directed by Simon West (Con Air, The Expendables...) Album, Dancing in the shadows 1988 (Produced by TD/co-produced by Jeremy Allom; Heaven 17, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, David Bowie, Massive Attack, Gang Of Four ...) released later that spring and went on to sell about 150.000 copies in Sweden alone (at the time Swedish platinum sales was 100.000 copies) followed by extensive north European touring. Trance Dance recorded a follow up (Produced by TD/Nigel Walker; Ultravox, Japan, U.K., Generation X, Bryan Ferry ...) in 1989 and mixed it at the legendary Caribbean AIR Studios, Montserrat, (Dire Straits, The Police, Rush, The Rolling Stones ...). Trance Dance became the last band ever to work in that studio as, just weeks later, Air Studios was blown away by the furious hurricane Hugo. The band parted ways in the fall of 1989. Trance Dance continued as a trio releasing the album Twang 1990 (Prod. by Mark Smith/Nic Tesco). Is it Love became the final top 10 hit for the band.