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Surak music channels a broad range of genres and influences, from great solo pianists and ambient and minimalist electronic to post-rock experiences, working on the concept of harmonic contrasts, yet with a melodic vibe. 'Space Invaders’ is the 13-track self-released debut album by Surak. It can be considered atmospheric, yet with a distinct rock vibe and minimalist piano shades. The result is an ambient/post-rock listening experience where the sound is transcendent: the tracks represent a dreamy blend of orchestral textured electronic music. Extracts from reviews: “The album is a stellar work of excellence.” Floor Shime Zipper Boots “A noteworthy launch that eludes all genre traps and clichés with ease.” “Surak has managed to lace Space Invaders with such intricate music and emotion that it presents the listener with a beautiful dream-like sensation of falling into the unknown.” Sound and Motion Magazine "And here goes something I wouldn’t miss at any cost. Easy listen, easy flaw, easy vibes, easily accessible. Everything about this project is great as it carries an extreme minimalist side with some exquisite drone elements backed up by spoken lyrics few places.”