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We are Royal Bee, Lady Diva, Neonlicious and Swag, and we queens are here to slay with all new music. We each brought our unique style and personality to Fierce, the first album featuring all 4 of us together. We’re not just BFFs, we’re sisters, and this album is what happens when queens lift each other up and fix each other’s crowns. You’ll dance, you’ll sing along, and we know you’ll be surprised.” “Hear our latest tracks from L.O.L. Surprise! The Movie – Get Up and Dance, Pose and Shades. As well as brand new tracks like Family and Party All ‘Round the World. Creating this album together has been next level, and we’ve found ways to express ourselves in a whole new way. Lady Diva convinced her BFF Royal Bee to sing Like My Sisters Do as a duet, cuz that’s what BFFs (and sisters) do. Swag was so inspired writing lyrics for all of us that she even found the confidence to sing lead vocals on We Move. And Neonlicious wanted to inspire every B.B. to get a makeover in her first-ever single, Shades. Get ready to strut your stuff and groove along. Cuz we want you to show us your Fierce!