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FANTASY POP from the deepest forest of Sweden Josefin writes about elves, fairies, singing trees, secret friends, dragons and the infinity of the universe, and with her winding melodies and light soprano voice she takes you into that dreamy fairy tale world. The arrangements vary and moves between the genres singer-songwriter music, chamber pop, 80s synth pop, new age music, indie pop, art pop, synth and filk music. She calls it simply ”fantasy pop”. Growing up Josefin read a lot of books and the fantasy trilogy The Lord of The Rings was a favorite, which she actually consumed twice in a row. She also took classical piano lessons, sung in the church choir and played french horn in a youth orchestra – a heritage that sometimes can be felt and gives her music a classical flair. “Josefin Berger offers eighties-inspired synth loops, modern production and vibes of Kate Bush in the song. As well as one of the most creative insult phrases in the history of pop music: ‘Go Kiss An Orc’. Too interesting to miss!” (Zero Music Magazine about Go Kiss an Orc – Chapter 2) *** Hi! I am releasing new singles now and then during 2021 – follow me here on Spotify to get them on your Spotify Release Radar. Let me soothe your soul and carry you to my wonderland ... 🌸🎼🐉 Love, Josefin