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Hailing from Minnesota, USA Thomas Curtis - known as Advection - has been a constant factor in the international electronic dance music scene for many years. His love for DJing and producing has taken him to many different environments leaving his audience with something to remember - or not to remember. 
 Advection's genre-bending style has helped him to become one of the most renowned and respected electronic music producers today. His eclectic mix of synths, unparalleled sonic range, hard-hitting drops, and heavy bass lines have helped him to create a distinct and original style. The ability to make each beat, synth, and drop flow seamlessly together in his sets, has made Advection a well seen guest at different events everywhere. 
 Advection does not discriminate against mainstream and underground music, and prefers to draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere: "The limitations and borders a genre can imply sometimes kills creativity in the producing process, and that's something artists deal with. I try to stay away from that mind frame, and just create how I feel." His non-commitment to any specific genre and ever-changing tastes make each one of his shows a whole new, fresh experience: "Every set to me is a challenge to entertain a crowd, to bring forward my musical taste but also read the crowds mood. And if that's the same thing, that's when I love what I do the most." @advectionofficial