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moriz 19 year old moriz is deep, profound, sad and wise. Is he just an unhappy boy from a small town in Austria, wandering the vast dark forests and mountains with all the world´s weariness in his head? Or could he be something like an old soul? All we know is that he has the ability to create a special kind of melancholy that feels like a warm embrace, consolation and hope. Inspired by Freddie Mercury and violinist Vanessa Mae, he started playing the piano and the violin at the age of 5. Not long afterwards, he fell in love with singing and songwriting. Meanwhile he has found his own musical self. One might be tempted to compare him to James Blake or Bon Iver. But the truth is: When he sings his unique falsett on spherical, other-worldly instrumentals, it´s really just moriz. Pure, honest, true.