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““ Lost Films is the kind of album that qualifies as an instant classic…it’s clear with this one effort, (Kelly) has come closest to his big breakthrough…9/10 stars” -Glide Magazine “The track (Win Your Heart) is a stunning one that transports the listener to a dreamlike, summery state, perfect for long drives on the open road.” -Paste Magazine “Channeling his influences—from Josh Ritter and Bruce Springsteen to Jeff Buckley and Elliot Smith—Kelly holds fast to the idea that the song comes first, whether he delivers his carefully crafted stories through folk tinged power pop or reverb laden Americana.” -Mother Church Pew “Kelly offers these gorgeous and worn folk sounds for our approval, building a steady stream of meticulous melodies and harmonies…he is able to hold on to his pastoral individuality even among all these well mined influences.” -Notes from Left of the Dial “Beautifully atmospheric…sonically varied yet bonded by detailed, meaningful narratives that play out like vivid mini movies in your imagination.” -The Daily Country “Cinematic. Kelly’s got an inviting voice that will draw your ear in….it’s got a sweet quality to it but there’s rasp that tells of long nights and tales to go with them.” -Adobe and Teardrops / No Depression