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The latest punk rock export from the now legendary Houston, Texas music scene, Steadfast HTX, is swinging for the fences with their anthemic, powerhouse sound. Combining the best elements from classic styles like skate, street, and straight up punk, while giving it their own uniquely Texas-fueled twist, Steadfast HTX already has audiences pounding their fists and singing along at the top of their lungs and they've only just begun. SteadfastHTX had its first spark in 2007 in Austin after vocalist/guitarist Jason Bancroft disbanded his street punk band, Black Star Brigade, and created an early version of Steadfast HTX. After opening for The Unseen and A Wilhelm Scream, Bancroft relocated to Houston. He put his other project, folk punk band The Wealthy Beggars, on hold in 2018 and reformed Steadfast HTX with a who’s who of the Houston scene. Enlisting guitarist Travis Smith (The Wealthy Beggars), bassist Andrew Wupper (Texas Mod Crushers), and drummer Charlie Price (Next to Nothing, Monroe and Llorona). This time, the flame caught, and the band has been up and running ever since. Steadfast HTX isn’t particularly concerned about conforming to any one particular style of punk, preferring to describe themselves as “…just 4 guys playing punk rock and having fun.” However, their shows are evidence enough of the blood, sweat, and tears they put into every note and lyric of their songs.