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Trey Warner’s knack for triumph in irregular environments is astounding. Even more noteworthy is the indelible impression he leaves in each sphere. Not that you could ignore him… beaming positivity and sincerity out of his towering 6’3” 200 lb. chiseled frame. A walking paradox that, once enveloped by his eagerness to share experience with all walks of life, makes you question certain engrained archetypes and appreciate a true affection for people. 
 Warner, a proven songwriter with an undeniable sense of melody, has fronted bands that toured with Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T’s and Lifehouse. His sound has evolved to represent a more refined step from where the infectious pop-punk of the oughts wanted to go. Often through clever yet vulnerable lyrics, Warner manages to bend over-arching maxims to the will of his perceived shortcomings… making you want to laugh and root for him at the same time. 
 “We are all a bunch of kids trying our best”, he says when asked of his sprawling endeavors. And as estimable a repertoire as he has built, from film and music to a real estate empire that funds his passions and provides for his family, the reason you love him is because he is still just the kid with the power stance playing guitar in his garage. In this sense, Trey Warner is somewhat of a renaissance man for the modern American Dream. Making us ask ourselves… do we have to grow up? And if we do, should we do it like Trey? 
 -Chris Hess of SWIMM