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CANTAR ETERNAMENTE the universal language// ​ A self-taught musician, Patricio, aka Pato, Lara is an Australian-Chilean singer, songwriter and story teller. With an eclectic repertoire, Pato draws inspiration from his South American heritage, culture, travel, nature, philosophy and the most transformational of all forces, Love. With over two decades on stage Pato is a recognised veteran of the Latino community in Australia, well-known for his colourfully inclusive performances and contagious warmth. From traditional Latin American music to Reggae to Rock, Pato's musical breadth guarantees to have the whole audience dancing - or at the very least singing along with him. ​ ​ GRACIAS PACHAMAMA aho mitakuye oyasin// ​ With each year and each successive album, Pato's contemplation and adoration of the Great Mother deepens. Interwoven into the fabric of his art are themes of Indigenous wisdom, the call to respect and protect nature, human rights, unity and spiritual awakening. ​​ ​ "My dream is to contribute joy and promote unity through my art; to share and celebrate life with people from all cultures and all corners of the planet"