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"Music is THE Universal Language ... it even survived the fall of the Babel Tower." Jérôme "Xkliber" Chauvin https://www.xkliber.com 
 That’s why he loves to mix several sorts of genres, cultures, musics and technics through his researches, works and compositions.
 Music, more than just talking to everyone, also (re-)connects, heals, soothes and can be a powerful tool to do good.
 Multi-instrumentalist since his childhood (Violin, Percussions, Handpan, Didgeridoo and other "World Music" instruments even EM) and involved in Animal & Children causes, a part of his benefits is going to NGOs and Sanctuaries/Refuges that he knows, trusts and already supports (even by performing in some). Since 2020, he’s also a member of the Collective Music Charity. 
 So by supporting his music you'll enter a positive circle and will help his projects and those good causes. Hopefully, let's try to make the world a better place, together. :-)
 Check out his original concept and ongoing project on YouTube, since 2015: "Handpan Music For Animals" (HMFA). Via https://youtube.com/xkliber 
 You can buy physical copies on Bandcamp (and some digital music not released on other platforms) via: https://xkliber.bandcamp.com as well as digital copies (download & streaming of HQ audio files, some tracks are even FREE to download). He's also on all the main other music platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Amazon Music, Deezer, etc.). Quicklinks: https://music.xkliber.com