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Mayuka Thais is an award winning multi-faceted singer-songwriter, artist, actor, art educator, + motivational speaker for youth. The product of two cultures, Mayuka was born in San Francisco to a Japanese father + a Caucasian American mother and raised in Tokyo and California. At 5, she started her entertainment career on stage and as a voiceover and recording artist in the edutainment industry (education + multi-media entertainment). Her clients include Nippon Columbia, NHK Software + Polygon Records. A charming and charismatic force in children’s edutainment, she appeared as a personality on Shimajiro’s Kodomo Challenge and as main vocalist on countless children's bilingual singles and albums. Her songs are also featured in independent films. Mayuka believes that in order to create change, every individual must take action to become one with the change and that we must find creative solutions to co-exist with all of the beautiful species on the planet. Her love and concern for elephants was the basis for her first music video, "When Elephants Cry," released in 2007. She was asked to perform this song at the L.A. Comedy Store for a recognition dinner of high profile celebrities. Mayuka’s gift as a songwriter is evident in her music; a true artist, she paints lush soundscapes with words and creates melodic, emotional songs that linger in the hearts of all who hear them. Pouring her heart into her original music, Mayuka uses her voice and guitar to connect with her listeners.