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Kick-life-in-the-face-punk rock songs. It’s as simple as that. Just hang loose and mosh around a bit, perform a windmill kick or gently bang your head. Tusky was born out of pure love between guitarist Alfred van Luttikhuizen, guitar tech Sjors van Reeuwijk and drum tech Bas Allein Richir (all three John Coffey family members), with bassist Justin Ghijsen, who was later followed up by John Coffey guitarist Christoffer van Teijlingen on bass. Their debut album "Rated Gnar" was released in 2018 on V2 Records, and its sound was that of a hungry and fiery band, heavily influenced by ‘90s punk rock: fast & furious but very melodic & catchy. The band hit the road, playing club shows and festivals like Noorderslag, Zwarte Cross, MadNes, Jera on Air, Paaspop and Welcome to the Village, as well as tours around Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and Lithuania. In 2021, new vocalist Vladimir Stevic and bass player Quirin Wijgers (Pene Corrida, All Doomed) joined the family after Alfred and Christoffer left. Armed with a brand-new single and video, an online comic series of their own, a new studio album in the pipeline AND of course live shows as soon as possible, Tusky is ready to reclaim the world!