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The brain-child of multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer Victor Phillips, Coastal Dynamic creates electronic, downtempo, global-chill songs. Victor uses real instruments, found sounds, lo-fi samples and software to create songs that evoke emotion and aural landscapes, which cross boundaries and transcend genres. He produces music that inspires, refreshes and propels you through everyday life. Victor’s travels as a kid have greatly influenced his love of diversity and rhythms in music. Raised in a family that surrounded themselves with music, Victor studied piano and clarinet from a young age while living in Malawi Africa for 6 years and later, Guam USA. After teaching himself acoustic guitar, Victor quickly realized bass was the instrument for him. He convinced his parents to buy him his first bass, (an Ovation). Since then, he has continued to study and play music —in church groups, studios, cafes and bars with bands all across the USA. After college, following his blossoming interest in recording and audio engineering, he moved to New York City and completed an audio engineering certificate course in 2001. Since then, Victor has been on a 15 year journey to find his voice and ideal style for his musical expression. Drawing on diverse influences from hard rock and jazz to downtempo ambient electronic sounds from artists like Bonobo and Emancipator, Victor loves to incorporate his many experiences and world travels into Coastal Dynamic's unique sound.