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Young Romantics formed in Bowling Green, KY, in early 2017 when high school friends Matt Porter and Griffin Fletcher started making music while studying at Western Kentucky University. The duo began by recording in Porter’s Honda Accord, releasing two self-produced EPs to SoundCloud between November 2017 and January 2018. With the addition of Mitchell Manuel (MITCHELL) and Gerek Patrick in late 2018, the band recorded its first full-band EP, In Case You Feel the Same, which released Aug. 30, 2019. Taking influence from the genre-defying Rainbow Kitten Surprise, the band treated its lyrics as a chance to connect with its listener emotionally. After including bassist Gabriel Rogers in early 2020, the band gravitated toward a brand of alternative rock rooted in R&B. From Fletcher's soulful vocals, Manuel's inclination toward hip-hop-like melodies to Rogers' love of '90s underground rap, Young Romantics seeks to write and perform music that is passionate and felt. This is present throughout the band's sophomore effort, "In Case You Don't," an album guided by its unfiltered, self-reflective lyricism. Unraveling topics such as loveless commitments, unrequited romantic obsession and general unhappiness with day-to-day living, the music encapsulates a feeling of frustration and self-awareness. Whether you feel the same or not serves as a line of thought to consider throughout. Released Aug. 27, 2021, "In Case You Don't" is out now.