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Adrian Khalif, born on the 24th of June 1992, is a singer/rapper based in Indonesia. Born in Jakarta and raised in several cities of Geneva, Canberra, New York, London, helped broaden his love for music, and also shaped him into becoming a solo artist signed to E-Motion Entertainment. 
 He is most known for his work in ‘Made in Jakarta’ with one of the countries best DJ and producer, Dipha Barus. Now a 2018 AMI Award winner for Best Rap and Hip-Hop record, Best New Male Artist at the Anugerah Planet Muzik, and Best AMI Newcomer-nominee marks the beginning of Khalif’s rise in Indonesia’s music industry. After releasing two critically-acclaimed singles, Flawless / Merona and Take Care, he released his debut album, "Embrace, Embrace", writing about his trials and tribulations in love, relationships, sex, being happy go lucky, being impulsive, and heartbreaks. In the album, he tries to remind everyone that life is a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs, and the attitude towards what you're dealing with will have total impact to your life. He reminds us to embrace life, embrace insecurities, and try to have a relationship with ourselves. 
 Adrian has released two singles as a follow up to the album that includes Find Me, and Khilaf. In his latest single, Khilaf, he tries to bring something new to the table by mixing some of the best grooves into an indonesian-languaged song. He cites this song as one of his favorite works. Make sure to tune in for more music.
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