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Growing up around a recording studio and the church choir, music has always been woven into Landry Cantrell's life.

When he was just a kid, Landry set up some old studio gear in the corner of his room and began recording himself sing. His love for writing and production was born in that room. As a teenager, he became more serious about his music, writing and recording music at a prolific pace. After high school he earned a Master’s Certificate in Music Technology and Production from Berklee College of Music. 
Growing up listening to Gospel, R&B, Pop, and EDM, Landry has fused together his own special blend of his favorite genre’s to create his own music. While Landry calls his music a ministry, he also points out his music isn’t preachy. “I like to write with metaphors,” he says. “In the same way Jesus taught in Parables, instead of outright saying something, I like to paint a picture and make someone think.”